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Some Helpful Advice

Even though LonCapa requires only the correct numerical response with units for getting a question correct, that should not be your only goal. You should be concerned with fully understanding how to get the correct response and the underlying physics. The first step should be to understand the physics as presented in the class and textbook. Secondly, you must be able to apply that knowledge to obtain the correct response to a question. This requires problem solving. Putting these two together is what is required to do well in a physics course and LonCapa is meant to promote both.

A simple motivation for taking care that you keep this in mind is that in a midterm or final exam you will see problems that are different from those in the LonCapa assignments. While some questions will be similar at least in part, you will need to be able to problem solve and understand the physics concepts presented in the question. If you take the above advice while doing LonCapa assignments you should do well.

Physics Help Center

The Physics Help Centre is a good place to work on assignments as you can get help with your LonCapa assignments. Help received there can be more effective when you keep a good record of your workings. It is most efficient and effective when you can provide a helper with your workings illustrating what progress you have already made on a problem. This promotes the learning of problem solving; helpers can provide insight as to where you went wrong and/or how to proceed.

When you go to the Help Centre you should always have a calculator and a text book and/or course notes. You must be familiar with the material before you attempt a problem or get help!

Capa Sessions

This advice also applies to working in Capa sessions which typically occur for first year physics courses. If your course does have such sessions they likely occur in the lab in weeks which you do not have a lab experiment. (See Lab Schedules; your course instructor will inform you as to whether or not you will have Capa sessions) These Capa sessions are essentially dedicated help centre sessions for your lab slot only. Thus the instructor to student ratio is often more than that of the Help Centre.

Encounter a Problem With a Question?

In the event that you are having an issue getting the correct answer for a problem, there is help available! Your first visit should be to the Physics Help Center in room C-3071 of the Chemistry-Physics building. There you will find instructors and faculty professors available to help you understand the principles and maybe have insight as to why you are not getting the correct answer on LonCapa. The Help Center is available from 9:00am to 5:00pm, five days a week, Monday to Friday.

In the event that the Help Center staff cannot rectify your issue, you can contact the LonCapa staff directly by clicking the link at the top of the problem entitled "Provide feedback messages or contribute to the course discussion about this resource" and providing feedback to the resource author. Please include in the message the title of the problem, your course number, and the name of the Help Center staff that directed you to use the link. Please do NOT send messages without first consulting the Help Center staff or your professor.