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Guidelines for Submitting Answers

To submit a response for any type of question you must enter your response in the blank field after the question and click the Submit All Answers button. If the question requires more than one response make sure you enter them in the fields in the same order they were asked. Depending on the type of response required, you will need to use the appropriate rules for submission as follows.

When you submit an answer you will receive an N for No or Incorrect, a Y for Yes or Correct, U for Units - that are incorrect, or an S for Significant Figures - that are incorrect. You will have a number of tries to get the correct answer. For multiple choice you will have 2 tries. For non-multiple choice question you will have 10 or 15 tries depending on the course. (You will not loose a try for incorrect Sig Figs or Units.) You will know how many tries you have once you submit your first answer to a question.


If an answer has associated units, the unit must be entered as the appropriate unit symbol as listed in the following table.

Physics 1020/1050
Unit Symbol
centimeter cm
meter m
kilometer km
mile m
second s
second squared s^2
minute min
hour hr
day day
degree deg
radian rad
newton N
joule J
watt W
Physics 1021/1051
Unit Symbol
hertz Hz
liter L
mmHg mmHg
atmosphere atm
electron volt eV
coulomb C
volt V
farad F
tesla T
kilopascal kPa
ohm ohm
ampere A
ohm meter ohm*m
newton per coulomb N/C

Encounter a Problem With a Question?

In the event that you are having an issue getting the correct answer for a problem, there is help available! Your first visit should be to the Physics Help Center in room C-3071 of the Chemistry-Physics building. There you will find instructors and faculty professors available to help you understand the principles and maybe have insight as to why you are not getting the correct answer on LonCapa. The Help Center is available from 9:00am to 5:00pm, five days a week, Monday to Friday.

In the event that the Help Center staff cannot rectify your issue, you can contact the LonCapa staff directly by clicking the link at the top of the problem entitled "Provide feedback messages or contribute to the course discussion about this resource" and providing feedback to the resource author. Please include in the message the title of the problem, your course number, and the name of the Help Center staff that directed you to use the link. Please do NOT send messages without first consulting the Help Center staff or your professor.